Royal Enfield Electric Bike: Electric Motorcycle Ready to Hit the Roads Soon!

Royal Enfield Electric Bike: Royal Enfield is gearing up to make a grand entry for bike enthusiasts who are concerned about climate change. The company is set to launch its electric motorcycle next year, joining the growing trend of EV bike offerings due to increasing demand. Recognizing the rising popularity of electric bikes, Royal Enfield has developed its new electric bike, Gasoline. Here’s a breakdown of the details for the Royal Enfield Electric Motorcycle:

Impressive Range and Charging:

Reports suggest that this feature-packed bike will cover approximately 100 kilometers on a full charge, which takes just around 7 hours. It will come in attractive dual-tone colors. On the petrol side, Royal Enfield’s Gasoline will offer a top speed of 110 km/h.

Built for Tough Roads:

Anticipating rough roads, the bike is expected to feature heavy suspension and disc brakes for safety. The chassis has been extended by 3 inches to give the bike a sturdy look. As of now, the company has not disclosed the price or launch date, but it’s estimated to be available in the market by the end of 2024.

Royal Enfield Electric Bike Instant Acceleration:

Royal Enfield Gasoline will come with different modes, including a powerful Nitro Boost system that generates power within 5 seconds of starting the bike. It’s said to have a 5 kW motor.

Battery Power:

The bike will come with a robust 72W 80 Ah battery pack that can be charged using a 15-amp household socket. Unlike the rumble of a petrol Bullet, this bike will be nearly silent. The initial price is estimated to be around 3 lakh rupees.

Upcoming Variant:

The EV bike has been codenamed ‘L1A’ in-house. According to media reports, Royal Enfield is collaborating with the Spanish electric vehicle startup Stark Motorcycles to work on two EV bike models. A prototype of this collaboration might be presented to the public later this year, although the confirmation from the company is still pending.

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