MGNREGA Payment Details 2023: How to check NREGA payment details?

MGNREGA Payment Details 2023 | How to Check NREGA Payment Online | NREGA Job Card Payment 2023 | MGNREGA Payment 2023 | नरेगा का पैसा कब आता हैं | नरेगा का पेमेंट कितने दिन बाद आता हैं | NREGA Payment List 2023 | मनरेगा का पेमेंट कैसे चेक करें ऑनलाइन | नरेगा पेमेंट लिस्ट 2023 नरेगा का पेमेंट कैसे देखें

MGNREGA Payment Details 2023: In this article, we will provide you with valuable information about NREGA payment details, NREGA.NIC.IN AP GOV IN payment status, and MGNREGA payment details for the year 2023. We will explain how you can conveniently check the payment status and obtain the payment details of NREGA and MGNREGA through your mobile device. It is crucial to read this article attentively to understand the process thoroughly. Payment List Details

Name of the ArticleMGNREGA Payment Details 2023
launched byMinistry of Rural Development, Government of India
ObjectiveTo Provide Jobs under this scheme
BeneficiariesPoor People of the States
Major Benefit100 days of development work
सरकारी योजना

MGNREGA Payment Details : नरेगा भुगतान विवरण कैसे चेक करें?

MGNREGA Payment Details 2023 – The NREGA scheme publishes a list of payment details for working laborers, which means that information about how much payment you have received from where you have worked is made available. You can check this information on the official MGNREGA website. In this article, we will discuss how to view your name in the NREGA job card payment list. If you wish to know about MGNREGA payment details for 2023, then read this article.

Rural candidates working under NREGA can now easily access information about their payments from the comfort of their homes. They can find out how many days they have worked and the corresponding payment they have received. You can check how much money you have received based on your daily wages and work. There is no need for you to go to the bank or provide any Aadhaar number or bank account number. You can learn about your payment for the work you have done through a simple process.

Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MNREGA)

The Mahatma Gandhi Employment Guarantee Act (MNERGA or NREGA) is a measure of Indian labor law and social security, enacted in September 2005, that aims to provide a guarantee of the “right to work.” The main objective of this scheme is to enhance livelihood security in rural areas. Every family is guaranteed at least 100 days of employment per financial year. Adult members are given the opportunity to voluntarily engage in unskilled work.

NRG (National Rural Employment Guarantee) was implemented in all districts of India from 1st April 2008 and it is a crucial part of the world’s largest and most ambitious social security and public works program. Another objective of NRG, according to Mahatma Gandhi, is the construction of secure assets such as roads, canals, ponds, and wells. It ensures the distribution of employment opportunities within a 5-kilometer radius of the applicant’s place of residence and provides payment of minimum wages.

MGNREGA Benefits: Empowering Laborers and Securing Futures

MGNREGA Payment Details

Ensuring Regular Employment

One of the primary advantages of MGNREGA is that it has provided our laborers with consistent employment opportunities. Previously, they often struggled to find work, leading to financial instability and uncertainty. However, with the implementation of MGNREGA, our labor brothers and sisters now have access to regular jobs that contribute to their livelihoods. This consistency has brought about a significant positive change in their lives, enabling them to meet their daily needs and support their families.

Compensation for Joblessness

In cases where employment is not available, MGNREGA ensures that laborers receive compensation. This compensation serves as a crucial safety net for our hardworking brothers and sisters who, due to various reasons, are unable to secure employment. By providing financial assistance during periods of joblessness, MGNREGA helps balance their financial condition and prevent them from falling into extreme poverty. This support system brings stability to their lives and allows them to continue their pursuit of a better future.

Eliminating the Struggle for Employment

Prior to the introduction of MGNREGA, laborers had to wander from door to door in search of work opportunities. This constant struggle took a toll on their physical and mental well-being. Fortunately, with the MGNREGA card, laborers no longer face the arduous task of seeking employment. The card grants them access to a wide range of job opportunities available under the program. This convenience saves them time, energy, and resources, allowing them to focus on their work and personal development.

Joining the Mainstream of Society

By providing regular employment and financial stability, MGNREGA has successfully integrated our labor brothers and sisters into the mainstream of society. Previously marginalized and struggling, they now have a chance to contribute to the nation’s development and progress. Through their work, they gain recognition and respect, which further boosts their confidence and self-esteem. MGNREGA has played a vital role in bridging the gap between laborers and the rest of society, fostering inclusivity and social cohesion.

Bright and Secure Future

One of the most significant impacts of MGNREGA is its ability to shape a brighter and more secure future for our laborer brothers and sisters. By offering regular employment, financial stability, and opportunities for personal development, MGNREGA opens doors for them to envision a better tomorrow. With consistent income and the ability to save, they can invest in their education, improve their skills, and secure their families’ future. MGNREGA has become a beacon of hope, empowering laborers to break the cycle of poverty and build a prosperous life.

MNREGA Payment List Check Your Name | मनरेगा पेमेंट लिस्ट 2023 में अपना नाम देखे

  • First and foremost, you need to visit the official website of the scheme.
  • After that, the homepage of the website will open.
  • On the homepage, you will have to click on the option for village council.
  • There, you need to click on the option for gram panchayat and then click on the option “Generate Report.”
  • A list of states will be displayed, from which you have to select your state.
  • A form will appear where you have to enter information about the financial year, district, block, and panchayat, among others.
  • After that, you will need to click on the option “Proceed.”
  • Now, you have to click on the section titled “Integrated Report of Employee Payments.”
  • Then, you will see the financial year list of your state.
  • You can view the information such as the name of the village along with the name of the applicant, father or husband’s name, name and code of the work, workdays, and payment amount.

MGNREGA Payment Details कैसे चेक किया जाता है?

Have you received payment for all the work done under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA), or do you have complete information on the wages earned by your family members for the number of tasks they have completed? You can view all these details online. It’s a straightforward process, and we are explaining a few steps for you to follow and complete it.

  • First, the candidate should visit the official website of the MGNREGA Job in their respective state.
  • After that, a new page will open on your screen, where you will have to select your financial year, district, block, and panchayat.
  • Then, click on the Proceed button.
  • After that, on your screen, you will see the names of all the people in your area whose job cards have their names on them.
  • You will have to click on the job card number next to your name.
  • After that, on your screen, you will see a complete list of the works done under MGNREGA.
  • You will have to click on the work for which you want payment information.
  • Then, you will be redirected to a new page where you will find some numbers in front of the muster rolls you have used, and you will have to click on it.
  • After that, on your screen, you will see the attendance of your work, daily wages, the amount due according to the attendance, and the complete information of the total cash payment.
  • By following this process, you can view the payment information for your work.

MNREGA Payment details 2023 कैसे देखें?

MGNREGA Payment Details
  • First, the candidate needs to visit the official website of the NREGA job card for verification.
  • There, you will see the homepage on your screen.
  • The homepage will display an image of the old version, select it.
  • Upon selection, a new page will open on your screen, where you will need to click on the link for the Gram Panchayat (GP/PS/ZP).
  • Clicking on it will open another new page.
  • Below the screen, three links will be visible.
  • You need to click on the link for the village panchayat.
  • Then, you will be shown options on the screen, where you have to click on the link for generating the OTP (One-Time Password).
  • After that, a list of states will appear on the screen.
  • You have to click on the link for your respective state.
  • After selecting the state, you will have to choose your financial year, the year for which you want to know about.
  • Then, you will have to select your district, block, and panchayat, and click on the Proceed button.
  • After processing, you will be shown several options on a new page.
  • You need to go to R3 and click on the “Worker Consolidated Payment Report” link.
  • Then, on your screen, you will see a list of all the workers in your panchayat, where you can see how many days you have worked, how much money you have received in your account, and all other relevant information.
  • This way, you can check the MGNREGA Payment Details for 2023.

MNREGA Payment Details 2023

State NameDaily Wages
Andhra PradeshRs 237.00
AssamRs 213.00
Arunachal PradeshRs 205.00
BiharRs 194.00
ChhattisgarhRs 190.00
GujaratRs 224.00
HaryanaRs 309.00
Himachal PradeshNon Scheduled – Rs 198.00
Scheduled Tribe – Rs 248.00
Jammu And KashmirRs 204.00
JharkhandRs 194.00
KerlaRs 291.00
KarnatakaRs 275.00
MaharashtraRs 238.00
Madhya PradeshRs 190.00
ManipurRs 238.00
MeghalayaRs 203.00
MizoramRs 225.00
NagalandRs 205.00
OdishaRs 207.00
PunjabRs 263.00
RajasthanRs 220.00
SikkimRs 205.00
Tamil NaduRs 256.00
TripuraRs 205.00
Uttar PradeshRs 213.00
UttrakhandRs 201.00
West BengalRs 204.00
Andaman And NicobarAndaman – Rs 267.00
Nicobar – Rs 282.00
Dadra & Nagar HaveliRs 258.00
Daman & DiuRs 227.00
LakshadweepRs 266.00
PuducherryRs 256.00
TelanganaRs 237.00
GoaRs 280.00

MGNREGA FTO Check Track Status (मनरेगा FTO ट्रैक की स्थिति जांचे)

  • To check the progress of the Fund Transfer Order (FTO), you will need to first visit the official website.
  • On the homepage of the website, click on the “FTO Track” option.
  • There you will see the “Know Your MGNREGA FTO Status” form.
  • In this form, you will need to fill in one of the numbers from “FTO Number, Reference Number, or Transaction Number,” and then enter the captcha code and click on “Search.”
  • After that, the progress of your FTO will be displayed openly in front of you.

हेल्पलाइन नंबर (Contact Number)

To get information about the MNREGA payment list and to find a solution to any problem, you can use the contact number provided below. Here, you will be given the numbers and email IDs of officials related to MNREGA, who can help you in getting a resolution for your complaint or problem. The contact details are as follows:

NamePostphone numberemail id
ShriRohit KumarJoint
ShriJaswant Singh
ShriDharamvirJhaDirector (RE-III & V)
Shri A. P. SinghJoint Director (RE-II, IV & VII)
Shri Sanjay KumarDS (RE-I & VIII)——
ShriU.K.NairDS (RE-VI)
Smt. SonaliDuttaUS (RE-III & V)23382406sonali.dutta
SmtSnehLataUS (RE-VI)
Shri Deep ShekharSinghalUS (RE-V & DDO, MGNREGA)
ShriPallav Kumar ChittejAssistant
Ms. HimanshiAssistant Director———–
Shri Chand RamSO (RE-III)
Shri R.S. DagarSO (RE-VI & VII)
ShriMukesh Kumar GautamEO (RE-VI)
ShriSurjan SinghSO (RE-VII)

Check MGNREGA State Wise Payment Details

आंध्र प्रदेशअरुणाचल प्रदेशअसम
हरयाणाहिमाचल प्रदेशजम्मू और कश्मीर
मध्य प्रदेशमहाराष्ट्रमणिपुर
उतार प्रदेशउत्तराखंडपश्चिम बंगाल
अण्डमान और निकोबारदादरा और नगर हवेलीदमन और दीव
चंडीगढ़टीएस मनरेगा भुगतान विवरण 2023लद्दाख


Q1. How can NREGA workers check their daily wages and NREGA rate list?

NREGA workers can check their daily wages and NREGA rate list by visiting the NREGA Official Portal. They can access this information online.

Q2. When do NREGA workers receive their payment?

NREGA workers receive their payment once the payment transfer is completed. In most cases, they receive a message on their mobile phones confirming the payment transfer.

Q3. What should a worker do if they haven’t received their NREGA payment?

If a worker hasn’t received their NREGA payment, they can visit the NREGA Official Portal and check the NREGA Payment List for 2023. This will provide them with information about the status of their payment.

Q4. How can NREGA workers access all the services and information related to NREGA?

The Indian government has made all services and information related to NREGA available on the NREGA Official Portal. NREGA workers can access this portal to obtain complete information about the NREGA scheme (NREGA Yojana) from the comfort of their homes.

Q5. How is the NREGA payment amount determined?

The NREGA payment amount varies in each state. Under the scheme, 75% of the NREGA expenditure is borne by the central government, while 25% is contributed by the state government.

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