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Universal Travel Pass (UTP) is an important facility in the times of COVID-19 to save people from unnecessary travel. The purpose of this pass is to allow travel to those people who have a genuine need to travel and who follow the COVID-19 rules. This pass has been launched jointly by the Railways and the Government of Maharashtra.
UTP allows you to travel anywhere without interruption. You will need to use an app or website to achieve this. You may need necessary documents to prove your identity, such as Aadhaar card, passport, etc. You will need to explain the reason for the trip to use it, such as business travel, medical travel, family necessity, etc.

Universal Travel Pass Highlights

Name Universal Travel Pass
Also CalledUniversal Travel E Pass Maharashtra
Launched byMaharashtra State Government
AuthorityDisaster Management, Relief & Rehabilitation Department,
Permission also includesMaharashtra Local Train and Buses Travel
Purpose of issuing the UTPTo allow Intrastate as well as Interstate Movement amidst Restrictions
Universal Pass ForTravel For Medical, Utility, and Education Emergency
Application modeOnline
Official Websiteepassmsdma.mahait.org
सरकारी योजनाhindiyojna.com

How does Universal Travel Pass work?

Universal travel pass is a facility adopted in some states and countries to enable people to travel easily. Its main purpose is to allow people to travel between various restrictions, such as night and weekend curfews or other restrictions. The Universal Travel Pass allows people to travel without any doubt or hindrance.

To get Universal Travel Pass, you have to use an application or website through which you can apply. While applying you may need necessary documents to prove your identity, such as Aadhaar Card, Passport, etc. You may also need to state your reason for travel, such as medical travel, business travel, family necessity, etc.When your application is approved, you will receive a universal Travel pass is available. This pass can be on your mobile phone or in the form of a print out. When traveling, you will need to authenticate your Universal Travel Pass, which can be verified by security officials or the Administrative Officer of the Travel Rules.

Purpose of Universal Travel Pass

The Covid-19 virus has caused great difficulties across the world. Governments have had to take drastic decisions, such as imposing lockdowns, to prevent transmission of the virus. As a result, people have had to stay in their homes to prevent social interaction. This prohibition is very important, but at the same time there are many people in our society who are engaged in the work of continuing important services, supplying food items etc.

If these people do not go out for their work, then the order of the society will be affected, and people will have to starve. In special cases, people may need to leave due to a medical emergency. To remedy this, the Railways and the Government of Maharashtra have jointly introduced the Universal Travel Pass. This pass is a means of providing grants to those who need to continue with their activities despite the lockdown.

Benefits of Universal Travel Pass

• Universal Travel Pass is an electronic travel pass with the help of which you can travel without any hindrance even during the lockdown.

• This pass has a unique QR code, which is scanned and the complete information of the person is available.

• Your Universal Travel Pass will be scanned wherever you go to buy bus or train tickets.

• This pass is given only to those people who have received both the doses of Covid vaccine, thereby reducing the risk of spread of Covid-19.

• With the help of Universal Travel Pass, you can easily go out for your essential works.

• With the help of this pass, you can go to the railway station and buy train tickets.

• Universal Travel Pass allows you to travel within Maharashtra as well as other states.

• You can save this pass in your smartphone can, which makes it easy to use.

Through these benefits of Universal Travel Pass, people can travel without worry to meet their needs and at the same time reduce the risk of infection.

Eligibility Criteria for Universal Travel Pass

Universal Travel Pass is one such document that you can use to travel during the COVID-19 pandemic. Before applying for it you need to know its criteria. Following are the eligibility criteria for Universal Travel Pass:

  1. Employed: For Universal Travel Pass, you must be employed in the field of medicine, education or utility services. You should keep working continuously in some work in these areas.
  2. Citizenship: Only Indian citizens can apply for the Universal Travel Pass. If you are not an Indian citizen, you will not be eligible for this pass.
  3. Vaccine: This pass will be given to the person who has completed both the doses of Kovid-19. You have to wait at least 14 days after the first dose and then take the second dose. or You will need to apply for a Universal Travel Pass to certify your vaccinations.
  4. Children: Children cannot be applied for Universal Travel Pass. This pass is only for adults who have completed the COVID-19 vaccination.
  5. Travel Area: You can use Universal Travel Pass only in your own state or neighboring state. This pass will be valid within the borders and cannot be used for travel outside the states.
  6. Pass-through QR code: With the Universal Travel Pass you can use a pass-through QR code. This is a digital code to verify your identity that you can save on your mobile phone. These criteria are simple and clear and you must follow them before applying for Universal Travel Pass. This pass will provide you an opportunity to travel safely during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Universal Travel Pass Document

epassmsdma.mahait.org: Universal Travel Pass Online Registration, Login & Status
  1. Aadhaar Card: For Universal Travel Pass, you need to have Aadhaar Card. This will be useful for proving your identity.
  2. Government Identification Document: You will need to provide a government identification document (such as passport, voter ID card, etc.) for Universal Travel Pass. This will authenticate your identity and will be used nearby.
  3. Voter ID Card: You will need to provide your voter ID card or Aadhar card. This will authenticate your identity and verify your quality.
  4. Industrial Papers: You will need to provide registered documents (such as Trade Registration Certificate) in respect of your business, if you have a business.
  5. Mobile Number: You need to have a registered mobile number for Universal Travel Pass, Through this you will get verified codes and updates during the application process.
  6. Registered Business: You must have a registered business if you are applying for Universal Travel Pass for business travel.

Procedure to apply for Universal Travel Pass

  1. First of all, visit the website epassmsdma.mahait.com.
  2. Under the heading “Citizens”, find the link labeled “Universal Pass for Citizens with Dual Vaccination” and click on it.
  3. You must provide the cellphone number you used when registering your CoWIN.
  4. Enter the one-time password received on your mobile device. This password will have been sent to you via email.
  5. Provide information on the COVID-19 vaccination status of the applicant and their dependents.
  6. Go to the box labeled “Generate Pass” and proceed. Your data will be shown with an area where you can add a photo of yourself.
  7. Upload your photograph. To submit a picture, you need to click on the “Apply” button.
  8. Within 24 hours, you will receive an SMS with a link SMS will be sent which you can use to download Universal Pass on your cell devices.
  9. After receiving the link, make sure you save the pass on your mobile device. This method will help you to apply for Universal Travel Pass.

Process to download Universal Travel Pass

Step 1: Visit the official portal of Universal Travel Pass (UTP) and click on “Universal Travel Pass” from the home page.

Step 2: Click on the “Download Travel Pass” link.

Step 3: When the new page will open, enter your mobile number. this is your number

Will generate a One-Time Password (OTP) on SMS.

Step 4: Enter that OTP to verify the mobile number. After this you have to upload your photograph.

Step 5: This will generate your UTP. Click on the “Print Pass” button. This will download and print your travel pass.

In this way, you can easily download Universal Travel Pass.

Universal Travel Pass Applying Procedure Through Telegram

Applying online for General Public Universal Travel Pass is very easy. You can apply for this pass online by following the simple steps given below:

  1. Install “Telegram” app from Google Play Store on your mobile phone.
  2. Open Telegram app and type “MahaGov”.
  3. Select “MahaGovUniversalPass”.
  4. Click “Start”.
  5. Select “Apply for Universal Pass”.
  6. On a new page, type your mobile number to get the vaccination.
  7. A One-Time Password (OTP) will be sent to your registered mobile number.
  8. Enter the OTP correctly and click on “Verify”.
  9. After this all your information will be displayed on the screen.
  10. Check all the information and click on “Yes” to verify.
  11. Select your photo from your gallery and click on “Confirm Photo”.
  12. In front of you on the next page
    A confirmation window will appear, giving you all the details.
  13. Click on “Confirm Details.
  14. After this you have to select “Apply for Universal Pass”. In this manner, you can easily get General Public Universal Travel Pass.

@www.epassmsdma.mahit.org: Procedure to apply for Universal Travel Pass to your establishment

  1. First, you need to visit the official website of Universal Travel Pass. You can use this link: www.epassmsdma.mahit.org
  2. On the website you have to click on “Register Your Establishment” on the home page. This will take you to the registration page.
  3. On the registration page, you will see a form, in which you will have to fill all your details. This information will be about your establishment, such as name, address, contact details, and type of business.
  4. Along with filling all the information, you will also need to attach your documents. These documents will be based on the type of your enterprise, such as office permission, registration certificate, etc.
  5. When Your Registration The form will be completed and your documents will be attached then your registration will be successfully completed. This process is generally for the state of Maharashtra and it may be different in other states as well. Therefore, you should apply keeping your administrative rules and orders in mind.

Why is Universal Pass necessary?

epassmsdma.mahait.org: Universal Travel Pass Online Registration, Login & Status

It is important to carry the Universal Pass. This is because it certifies your vaccination status. This pass allows you to enter public places and use public transport. With this, you get the convenience of traveling without any hassle.

The Universal Pass also helps in reducing the transmission of the virus. Because only fully vaccinated people are allowed to access public places. In this way, it helps in reducing the risk of spreading the disease among people.

Lastly, the Universal Pass is an essential digital certificate that authenticates your vaccination status and allows you to access public places and public transport without any restrictions. Applying for and getting a Universal Pass is easy and it Valid all over India. Therefore, if you have taken both your vaccine doses and have completed 14 days, you should apply for Universal Pass and carry it with you at all times.


Q1: What is Universal Pass?

Universal Pass is a document that allows safe passage throughout the country during the COVID-19 outbreak. It guarantees access to healthcare and academic facilities and eliminates the need for physical verification of vaccination status.

Q2: How does Universal Pass ensure safer and more convenient travel?

Universal Pass utilizes QR code-based e-passes, which make travel safer and more convenient. These passes eliminate the requirement for physical verification and provide a reliable method to identify vaccinated individuals.

Q3: What is the purpose of Universal Pass regarding phony IDs under COVID-19 limitations?

Universal Pass prevents individuals from traveling with counterfeit or fraudulent identification documents by implementing stringent COVID-19 limitations. It ensures that only verified and vaccinated individuals can use the pass for travel.

Q4: Can passengers transfer between different modes of transportation using Universal Pass?

Yes, Universal Pass facilitates seamless transfers between trains and rickshaws. Passengers can use the pass to switch between these modes of transportation without any hassle or additional requirements.

Q5: Does Universal Pass exempt individuals from repeated RT-PCR examinations for interstate travel?

Yes, Universal Pass enables interstate travel without the need for repeated RT-PCR examinations. Once a person possesses the pass and has undergone the necessary testing, they can travel freely across state borders without undergoing additional tests.

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