Varun Tej Konidela's Engagement to Lavanya Tripathi

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Varun-Lavanya's Engagement Breaks the Internet

Viral Pictures

Son of Nagendra Babu, Nephew of Pawan Kalyan, Makes Headlines with Engagement News

Varun Tej

Varun and Lavanya's Plans for Year-End Marriage

Wedding Bells

Fans Shower Blessings on Varun and Lavanya's Engagement

Varun-Lavanya Engagement Ceremony Attended by Close Ones

Private Affair

Ram Charan, Allu Arjun, and Allu Arvind at Varun-Lavanya's Engagement

Star-Studded Surprise

Varun and Lavanya's Decision to Maintain Privacy

Keeping Love Under Wraps

Varun Tej proposed to Lavanya on her birthday, and now they are eagerly preparing for their wedding.

Birthday Proposal