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The Fade Cut

For those who can rock the long hair look, it offers endless styling possibilities, from braids to man buns. Just be prepared for the maintenance it requires.

Long Wavy Hair

Dreads are a bold choice, but they demand patience and proper care. If you're up for the challenge, this artistic style can be truly unique.

Short Dreads

Channel your inner Roman emperor with the Caesar cut. A shorter, tight horizontal fringe, and you can modernize it with faded sides for added dimension.

Caesar Cut

Minimal maintenance is the buzz cut's key selling point. All your hair is cut to the same length, making it a hassle-free choice.

Buzz Cut

Embrace your natural curls this year. Your Premier Barber Institute stylist can guide you based on your curl type and desired look.

Curly Hair

Short sides, longer top - this versatile style suits all hair types. Styling products may be necessary for that perfect finish.

Undercut Style

The iconic pompadour, famously worn by Elvis Presley, is all about creating a voluminous mound at the front. It's similar to the fade and undercut styles but with a distinctive flair.


Don't forget about facial hair! A well-matched beard or styled mustache can complement your haircut beautifully. Consult your barber for the best facial hair style to complete your look.

Haircut with Facial Hair