The country is in love with these 10 dogs

From India to Australia, from Canada to New Zealand and from Britain to America, Labrador is the most liked dog breed.


Since 1899, the German Shepherd is one of the most favorite dog breeds in the country and the world.

german shepherd

Dogs of this breed are kept more to enhance beauty than to guard the house.


Due to the tremendous ability to smell this breed and the sharp mind, they are assigned the work of sniff dog at the airport.


This breed of dog that specializes in sports is also very much liked in India.

golden retrievers

Length is 26 to 32 inches. And the weight has been found from 46 to 78 kg.

newfoundland dog

This breed of small stature likes sports a lot.

pembroke welsh corgis

The biggest specialty of dogs of this breed is the trouble for those who keep it. They are very cute.


This breed of dogs is originally from the Algarve region of Portugal.

Portuguese Water Dog

Many other dog breeds of the world are preferred in India.

home breed