Lust Stories 2: Mrunal Thakur chooses controversial web series to challenge herself

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The second installment of 'Lust Stories' sees Mrunal Thakur displaying a willingness to explore a wide range of roles and genres.

Mrunal's choice to participate in a series known for its bold and unconventional content challenges societal norms

The hot chemistry of both is being discussed a lot in the short one-minute teaser.

Joining 'Lust Stories', Mrunal Thakur grabs the opportunity to explore the digital space and connect with a generation

Some fans and critics might have mixed reactions towards Mrunal's participation in 'Lust Stories'.

By associating herself with such a popular web series, Mrunal can reach out to a wider audience.

By taking up a role in the series, Mrunal has a chance to portray a multi-dimensional character.

Mrunal's choice to participate in 'Lust Stories' can be seen as a reflection of her desire to embrace artistic freedom.