Laws for Pet Owners Living In Apartments

1. Civic bodies, such as Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs), cannot ban residents from keeping pets in their apartments, even with a majority.

2. Housing societies cannot discriminate against pet owners on the basis of the size or breed of their pet.

3. Pet owners may not be charged any special fees for using the lift with their pets.

4. Banning pets in parks in housing societies is considered a short-sighted approach

5. Pet owners are required to keep their pets on leash in public parks and common areas of the Society.

6. There is no central or state law that requires pet owners to clean their pet's faeces.

7. RWAs cannot impose fines or special charges on pet owners who fail to clean up after their pets.

8. No RWA or Society member shall under any circumstances intimidate or compel the owner of a pet to give up or abandon his pet.

9. Dog owners should ensure that their pets do not become a cause of trouble in the society.

10. Dog owners are advised to properly train their pets.