Three Must-Watch Jennifer Lawrence Movies on Netflix

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Jennifer Lawrence is a highly adored actress of her generation

Jennifer Lawrence

"No Hard Feelings" is Jennifer Lawrence's latest film that showcases her power in drawing audiences to the cinema.

No Hard Feelings

Despite not being available for streaming yet, "No Hard Feelings" had an impressive $15 million box office gross domestically

$15 million

Jennifer Lawrence has proven her ability to carry franchises in addition to her non-IP titles.

Netflix offers a chance to watch Jennifer Lawrence's iconic roles from the comfort of your home


"Silver Lining Playbook" is a movie where Jennifer Lawrence starred opposite Bradley Cooper and won her an Oscar.

Silver Lining Playbook

The plot of "Silver Lining Playbook" revolves around Pat's attempt to reconcile with his wife with the help of Tiffany, played by Jennifer Lawrence.

"Don't Look Up" is a film that garnered multiple Oscar nominations and won the Best Original Screenplay at the Writers Guild of America Awards

Don't Look Up

 In "Don't Look Up," Jennifer Lawrence portrays a low-level astronomer involved in a media tour to warn humanity of an impending comet

 "The Hunger Games" franchise marked Jennifer Lawrence's breakthrough, where she played the lead character Katniss Everdeen in a fight-to-the-death competition.

The Hunger Games