How does Threads' privacy policy compare to Twitter's?

Threads is a social media app developed by Meta, which owns Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

Threads aims to recreate an online experience similar to Twitter and is part of the online fediverse.

Threads is launching at a time when other Twitter alternatives such as BlueSky, Mastodon and Spill are gaining popularity due to dissatisfaction with Twitter's user experience and issues such as rate limits and hate speech.

Meta's ownership of popular platforms makes threads likely to attract a diverse user base.

Threads' privacy policy indicates that it collects a wide range of personal data potentially associated with users.

The app classifies "sensitive information" as one of the types of data collected, which may include race, sexual orientation, pregnancy status, religion, and biometric data.

The article suggests that if users are hesitant about sharing personal data with Meta, it is understandable.

The article acknowledges that some users may still be curious about the Service and provides an overview of the Privacy Policy.

The launch of Threads indicates a growing demand for alternatives to traditional social media platforms.

The context of Meta's attempt to incorporate threads into online fandoms suggests an attempt to create a more decentralized social media landscape