For a rugged, carefree look, the bro flow is perfect. It's effortlessly cool and projects a relaxed vibe, saving you time in the morning.

Bro Flow

The timeless man bun remains popular. It's versatile and suits most face shapes. Comb your hair back, tie it up, and adjust the height to match your style.

Man Bun

A classic choice, the pompadour features short sides and longer hair on top, styled up and away from the forehead. It's adaptable, with variations in side length.

Modern Pompadour

This traditional cut has endured the test of time. Short hair is styled forward with a horizontal fringe, adding a timeless touch to your look.

Caesar Cut

If you're ready for low-maintenance, the buzz cut is a classic choice. It pairs well with a beard and requires minimal styling but regular trims.

Buzz Cut

The versatile undercut works for straight, curly, or wavy hair. It features longer hair on top and very short sides and back, with various faded or disconnected styles.

The Undercut

Ideal for round face shapes, the quiff involves brushing hair forward and styling it into a wave shape. Add pomade for volume and shine.


A modern twist on the punk mohawk, the faux hawk has short sides and a longer strip of hair on top, styled upwards for a youthful and attention-grabbing look.

Faux Hawk

Similar to a crew cut but with longer front hair, the Ivy League projects class and sophistication. It's perfect for men with strong jawlines or high cheekbones.

Ivy League

Slicking your hair back exudes maturity and style. It can be modernized with a fade for a formal touch. Use pomade to maintain the sleek look.

Slick Back