10 most expensive foods in the world

The white truffle imported from Italy and Croatia is the most expensive food item in the world. Its price in Europe is around $2100.

white truffle

This is a special dish of Iran, fish eggs are used in it. Its cost is $300,000 a kg.

White Pearl Albino Caviar

The price of this dish can be up to $3000 per kg.

Swallow's Nest Soup

It is sold at the rate of Rs 660 per gram i.e. Rs 6 lakh 60 per kg.


This cheese from Sweden's Moose House Farm is the most expensive cheese in the world. Its cost is around $1074.

Mousse Cheese

This world's most expensive mushroom is available only in Asia, North America and Japan, it costs $600 Kg

Matsutake Mushrooms

The price of this coffee is between $250 and $1200 per kg. Is.

Kopi Luwak Coffee

The Japanese prefer to drink beer with animal beef. Its price is $ 450 per kg. Is.

Japanese Wagyo Steak

The cost of this most expensive ham in the world is up to €4,100.

Dry Iberian Ham

This type of chicken costs up to $200 in Indonesia.

Ayam Kemani Black Chicken