10 most active dogs in the world

Border Collie is an energetic and active dog. Likes to play frisbee very much.

1. Border Collie

They require long runs and training sessions

2. Siberian Husky

They enjoy swimming, frisbee, playing ball and long walks.

3. Labrador Retriever

It is trained to be used for exercise and work.

4. Dogo Argentino

They are attracted to play for a long time

5. Vizsla

They should be given time to walk, run, and play

6. Bagels

German Shepard is an energetic and active dog, it needs regular exercise and work.

7. German Shepard

Needs long runs and exercise and likes to play and keep happy.

8. Alaskan Malamute

An energetic and active dog that needs regular exercise and play.

9. Boxer

The Dalmatian is a dog with high stamina and good working ability.

10. Dalmatian