10 Lazy Dog Breeds

English Bulldogs are patient and kind, known for their love of relaxing with their owners.

1. English Bulldog

Affectionate and loving your lap, they are experts at relaxation.

2. Bullmastiff

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is an endearing breed that longs to spend quality time with its owners.

3. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Bichon Frises are intelligent and eager to please their owners.

4. Bichon Frize

These intelligent and charming companions bring a touch of sophistication to their laidback lifestyle.

5. Japanese Chin

The Pekingese is notorious for its aversion to exercise. Running is not their specialty because of their short legs.

6. Pekingese

The adventurous personality will surely keep you entertained.

7. Dachshund

Similar to the English Bulldog, the French Bulldog has a brachycephalic conformation which limits their exercise capabilities.

8. French Bulldog

Boston Terriers are adaptable and thrive in a variety of living situations. They are easy to train and only require short walks.

9. Boston Terrier

Although small in size, Yorkshire Terriers have big personalities. they are energetic indoors

10. Yorkshire Terrier