Top 10 Travel-Friendly Dog Breeds

These smart and adaptable dogs are great for travel.

1. Toy Poodles

Brave and endearing, Yorkies are ready to hang out with you.

2. Yorkshire Terrier

More tolerant of temperature changes, Affenpinschers are healthier and bark less.

3. Affenpinscher

Agile and athletic, Italian Greyhounds are great for active travel.

4. Italian Greyhound

Clever and happy-go-lucky, these dogs make great travel companions.

5. Brussels Griffon

Intelligent and playful, Aussies are perfect for outdoor travel.

6. Australian Shepherd

Courageous and intelligent, these dogs are calm and

7. Bernese Mountain Dog

Smart and sensitive, the Border Collie is easy to train.

8. Border Collie

Friendly and athletic, Boxers are great for families with children.

9. Boxer

 German Shorthair Pointer Affectionate and intelligent, these dogs have short hair and very little shedding.

10. German Shorthair Pointer