WWE Money in the Bank 2023 predictions

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The Usos are likely to win matches because of their ability to create a rift between Roman Reigns and Solo by taking advantage of Roman's insecurities and tricks.

Roman Reigns is a powerful character but his insecurities make him vulnerable to manipulation.

The ongoing storyline involving Roman Reigns and Solo is slowly unraveling, but not without some unexpected twists.

A victory for The Usos would contribute to the continued disintegration of the alliance between Roman Reigns and Solo.

Seth Rollins is favored to win the World Heavyweight Championship match against Finn Balor.

The new title needs to be established as important, and frequent changing hands will diminish its importance.

 Finn Balor is ready to do whatever WWE asks of him and at the moment he needs to help raise the prestige of the new championship.

  Finn Balor's defeat in the match would be consistent with the current storyline and the goal of emphasizing the importance of the World Heavyweight Championship.