Why Is My Dog Shaking? 10 Common Reasons

Dogs shiver to generate heat when it's cold.

1. Cold Environment

Dogs may shake when overly excited, which is harmless and usually resolves on its own.

2. Excitement

Stress or anxiety can lead to shaking in dogs. Signs of stress include vocalization, pacing, and changes in body posture.

3. Stress

Some dogs shake to seek attention from their owners, and it's essential not to encourage this behavior.

4. Attention Seeking

Shivering can be a sign of pain or illness, including injury, seizure disorders, or motion sickness.

5. Pain or Illness

Older dogs may shake, especially when walking, due to muscle weakness. This could be related to conditions like arthritis.

6. Old Age

Canine distemper, a contagious virus, can cause shivering, along with other symptoms like fever and coughing.

7. Distemper

Ear problems can lead to shaking and head shaking in dogs, especially in long-eared breeds.

8. Ear Infections

9. Seizure Disorders

9. Sardines

Low blood sugar, poisoning, or muscle tremors due to various causes can also result in shaking.

10. Other Reasons

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