Top 8 Dog Breeds for Readers

Many famous literary dogs are mixed breeds, strays, or mutts, such as Buck from "Call of the Wild."

Mixed Breed

Lassie, the iconic collie, is known for her heroic journey in "Lassie Come Home" by Eric Knight.


Terriers are often featured as brave and adventurous dogs in literature, including Toto from "The Wizard of Oz" and Bodger from "The Incredible Journey."


Soulful beagles like Shiloh in Phyllis Reynolds Taylor's series and Snoopy from the "Peanuts" comics capture readers' hearts.


Nana, the nanny dog in "Peter Pan," and Lord Byron's Newfie Boatswain are examples of Newfoundland dogs in literature.


Virginia Woolf's "Flush" is a fictionalized biography of Elizabeth Barrett Browning's cocker spaniel, exploring love and life through a dog's perspective.

Cocker Spaniel

Jack London's Buck, a half St. Bernard, and Stephen King's Cujo are notable St. Bernards in literature.

St. Bernard

Mastiffs, often referred to as "boarhounds," appear in various books, including "Harry Potter" and "Fifteen Dogs."


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