Top 10 rarest cat breeds in the world

Originating from eastern Kenya, this is the rarest domestic cat breed known for its unique see-through ticked tabby pattern.

1. Sokoke Cat

With distinctive features like large eyes and prominent cheekbones, the Devon Rex hails from Devonshire, UK.

2. Devon Rex

These cats are super rare and known for their extremely short tails, with no two tails looking alike.

3. Kurilian Bobtail

Native to Norway, these playful and family-oriented cats are known for their friendly disposition.

4. Norwegian Forest Cat

These cats resemble Corgi dogs with short legs and are outgoing and affectionate.

5. Minskin

With only 6,700 registered with the CFA, this breed is known for its spotted coat and high activity level.

6. Egyptian Mau

A cross between the Burmese and Siamese, these cats are intelligent, vocal, and engaging.

7. Tonkinese

Referred to as "the smiling blue cat of France," this breed has a fascinating history and is considered the national cat of France.

8. Chartreux

Known for their curly fur, LaPerm cats have a unique wavy coat due to a mutation discovered in the 1980s.

9. LaPerm

Originating from the Middle East, Turkish Van cats are known for their distinctive pattern and playful nature. Around 100 are born in the US each year, making them rare.

10. Turkish Van

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