Top 10 Most Expensive Dog Breeds To Own

Known for their health problems, owning an English Bulldog can result in frequent vet visits and high medical bills.

English Bulldog

Despite their popularity, German Shepherds are prone to various health issues, making them expensive to care for.

German Shepherd

These charming dogs often have multiple health ailments, increasing the cost of ownership.

French Bulldog

An ancient breed, Chows require regular grooming and are susceptible to various health problems.

Chow Chow

While less prone to health issues, Tibetan Mastiffs can still have skin problems, allergies, and more.

Tibetan Mastiff

Large breeds like the Irish Wolfhound come with increased expenses due to their size and potential health issues.

Irish Wolfhound

Another large breed, Great Danes, require more food, medication, and veterinary care.

Great Dane

Despite their loyalty, Rottweilers can suffer from cancer, hip issues, and more, resulting in costly treatments.


These gentle giants have a high incidence of cancer and musculoskeletal problems, leading to health expenses.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Although smaller, Basset Hounds require treatments and care similar to larger breeds due to their dwarfism.

Basset Hound

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