Top 10 Most Demanded Dog Breeds in India

Indian Pariah dogs, also known as InDogs or Desis, are hardy and well-adapted to the Indian climate.

Pariah Dog or Dog

Similar in appearance to Pomeranians, Indian Spitz dogs are a separate Indian breed recognized by the Kennel Club of India.

Indian Spitz

Labrador Retrievers are popular worldwide and in India. They are easy to train, friendly, and adapt well to Indian climates.

Labrador Retriever

Dalmatian dogs are healthy and athletic, suitable for warmer weather.


Known for their intelligence and courage, Doberman dogs are often used for protection.


Dachshunds are small, intelligent, and courageous dogs suitable for apartments and Indian climates.


German Shepherds are intelligent, loyal, and courageous, making them ideal working dogs.

German Shepherd

Boxers are muscular, loyal, and excellent at guarding.


Pugs are small, affectionate, and popular in India. They are great for apartment living, friendly with kids, and require minimal grooming.


Beagles are active dogs originally bred for hunting.


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