Top 10 Largest Cat Breeds in the World

American Bobtails are known for their short, stubby tails and strong, athletic bodies. They can weigh between 7 to 16 pounds.

10.American Bobtail

Bengals are not as large as some of the other breeds on this list, but they are muscular and athletic. They typically weigh between 8 to 15 pounds.

9. Bengal

While not the largest, Scottish Folds are a unique breed known for their folded ears. They can weigh between 9 to 13 pounds on average.

8. Scottish Fold

These cats are stocky and muscular, with males weighing around 12 to 20 pounds. They are known for their dense, plush coats.

7. British Shorthair

Siberian cats are a naturally occurring breed from Russia. They have a substantial build and can weigh between 13 to 18 pounds.

6. Siberian cats

This breed hails from Norway and is known for its sturdy build and thick, water-repellent fur. They can weigh between 13 to 22 pounds.

5. Norwegian Forest Cat

Chausies are another breed with wild ancestry, as they are descended from jungle cats. They are medium to large in size, with males typically weighing 15 to 25 pounds.

4. Chausie

Ragdolls are large, affectionate cats known for their striking blue eyes and semi-longhair coats. They can weigh between 15 to 20 pounds or even more.

3. Ragdoll

These cats are a cross between a domestic cat and a serval, a wild African cat. They can be quite tall and long, with some individuals reaching up to 30 pounds or more.

2. Savannah

Known for their friendly nature and impressive size, Maine Coons are one of the largest domestic cat breeds. Adult males can weigh between 13 to 18 pounds or more.

1. Maine Coon

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