Top 10 Emotional Support Dog Breeds

These cute, well-mannered companions are perfect for city living. They're great with people and animals, helping ease social situations and providing comfort at home.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Known for their happy and laid-back temperament, Labs are easily trained for tasks like deep pressure therapy to reduce anxiety.


With their playful and easy-going nature, Corgis bring joy wherever they go. They come in two types, both fun-loving and protective.


These calm giants are excellent for those who find grooming therapeutic. Their low activity level suits a leisurely lifestyle.

Great Pyrenees

Despite their elegant appearance, standard poodles are affectionate and intelligent. They don't shed and have uplifting personalities.

Standard Poodle

Impressively large, Great Danes offer loyalty and protection. Their size can create a comforting buffer zone in social situations.

Great Dane

Small and cuddly, Maltese dogs are great for single adults. They attach closely to their favorite person and provide comfort.


An adaptable and friendly breed, Havanese make excellent travel companions and effortlessly make friends with everyone.


Known for loyalty and cuddles, golden retrievers are great at providing emotional support and bonding with their owners.

Golden Retriever

These small lap dogs are perfect for social situations, and their protective nature makes them great watchdogs.

Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie)


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