Top 10 Dog Tricks to Teach Your Furry Friend

This is a fundamental command. Hold a treat above your dog's head and move it upward, leading to a sitting position. Introduce hand and word signals gradually for added complexity.


Another useful command. Start from a sitting position and lure your dog into lying down with a treat.Transition to a hand signal over time for a leash-free "place" command.


Essential for safety.Have your dog sit, hold your hand like a stop sign, and say "Stay."Begin with short durations and minimal distractions, gradually increasing both.


A cute and fun trick.Begin by rewarding any paw movement towards your hand.Eventually, require your dog to touch your empty hand.Teach duration by varying how long the paw stays on your hand.

Give Paw

Fun and engaging.Build on the "Give Paw" trick.Gradually raise your hand and introduce "High Five" as the paw touches your vertical hand.

High Five

A crucial safety command. Start on a leash and say "Stop" while standing still.Gradually increase distance and duration with practice.


A cute and gentle trick.Hold a treat near your nose, and your dog will nudge it.Add a signal word like "nudge" as you progress.

Nudge Nose

Perfect for adorable photos.Lure your dog's head onto your open hand with a treat.Use word cues like "down" or "head" and increase duration gradually.

Put Down Head

A useful skill for focus.Hold a treat at eye level and reward when your dog makes eye contact.Extend the distance over time and maintain eye contact for rewards.

Eye Contact

Makes collar-wearing easy.Let your dog get familiar with the collar by keeping it large and allowing sniffing.Gradually lift one side, encouraging your dog to put its nose through the collar.

Into the Collar


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