Top 10 Dog Training Tips for a Well-Behaved Pup

Praise your dog when they behave well, even if you didn't ask for it. They'll learn what behaviors you appreciate.

1. Recognize Good Behavior

Dogs understand gestures better than words. Pair your commands with clear hand signals to help your dog understand what you want.

2. Use Hand Signals

Dogs thrive with confident leaders. Stay calm, assertive, and clear in your commands.

3. Be a Confident Leader

End training sessions on a positive note. Reward your dog for small achievements, and they'll be eager to learn next time.

4. Stay Positive

Correct bad behavior immediately and move on. Dogs can't connect your mood hours later to their actions.

5. Quick Corrections

Don't allow behavior today that you won't want tomorrow. Set boundaries early.

6. Consistency is Key

Be authoritative when giving commands. Make eye contact and let your dog know you mean business.

7. Don't Ask, Tell

Using a leash, even indoors, signals focused training time. It helps your dog understand when to pay attention.

8. Leash Up

When teaching commands like "sit" or "stay," vary the waiting times so your dog learns to await your cue.

9. Vary Wait Times

Use treats, love, and praise to reward good behavior. Positive reinforcement builds a strong bond with your dog.

10. Reward and Praise

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