Top 10 dog breeds that require a big backyard

These herders love wide open spaces and get frustrated in small yards or apartments.

Anatolian Shepherd

Boxers have endless energy and enjoy being active, so a big backyard is ideal for them.


Due to their size and docile nature, Bullmastiffs need a big backyard to lounge comfortably.


Medium-sized but full of energy, Bull Terriers can be mischievous without enough room to run.

Bull Terrier

Athletic and energetic, Vizslas love running at full speed and need a big yard for daily workouts.


Pointer dogs prefer to be outdoors and active, making a big backyard essential for them to thrive.


With their long legs, Irish Wolfhounds are happier in spacious areas to stretch and walk.

Irish Wolfhound

Originally tax collectors' companions, Dobermans are aggressive when needed but disciplined.


These active dogs prefer to be on the move and need a larger space to roam.

German Shepherd

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