Top 10 Cheapest Dog Breeds

Active, agile and independent breed. Needs attention and loves children

1. Dachshund - Starting at USD 25

Small and self-confident, prefers a peaceful environment. Not suitable for families with children

2. Pug

One of the smartest dog breeds

3. Border Collie - From 50 USD

Energetic and adventurous, great for families with children

4. Yorkshire Terrier - Starting at USD 50

deep-voiced loyal but stubborn breed

5. Basset Hound - From 60 USD

Non-aggressive and sociable breed.cannot be left alone for long periods of time

6. Pug - From 60 USD

Large breed, requiring long daily walks. Friendly, cooperative and good with children and other animals

7. Labrador Retriever - From 80 USD

kind, patient and friendly companion dogs

8. French Bulldog - From 80 USD

Small, dynamic and affectionate breed.requires constant attention and exercise

9. Toy Terrier - From 90 USD

small companion dog with cute ears. Height at withers up to 28 cm, light weight

10. Papillon - From 90 USD