Tibetan Mastiffs: Banned or Restricted in 7 Countries

Ukrainian law has prohibited the ownership of 80 dog breeds, including Tibetan Mastiffs, since 1998.

1. Ukraine

Tibetan Mastiffs are among the 14 dog breeds banned in Malaysia due to their classification as dangerous and unpredictable, especially around children.

2. Malaysia

In Belarus, approximately 40 dog breeds, including Tibetan Mastiffs, are considered dangerous.

3. Belarus

France has legislation dating back to 1999 that addresses Mastiff-type dogs, including Tibetan Mastiffs.

4. France

Although many fighting dog breeds originated in Germany, the Tibetan Mastiff is listed as a Chinese fighting dog

5. Germany

The Maldives has a blanket ban on all Mastiff and large shepherd dogs, including Tibetan Mastiffs.

6. Maldives

In the United States, various states and municipalities have their own regulations regarding dangerous or banned dog breeds.

7.United States

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