These 10 things about the dog that its owner should know

Early socialization is vital to your dog's well-being.

1) Begin early socialization

Since dogs cannot communicate with words, they rely on body language to convey their feelings and intentions.

2) Understand body language

Punishment can confuse your dog and damage the trust between you.

3) Avoid unnecessary punishment

Positive reinforcement works wonders for training dogs and all other creatures.

4) Use the power of positive reinforcement

Gone are the days when training puppies under the age of six months was discouraged.

5) Start Training Early

Dogs learn from consequences. If a particular behavior leads to a desirable outcome, they will repeat it.

6) Avoid promoting unwanted behavior

Rewarding your dog with treats is an effective and easily adjustable training tool.

7) Treats as Rewards

Pairing a clicker with a treat makes for a powerful training tool.

8) Use a clicker for training

By training your dog to respect personal belongings, you prevent them from taking things that don't belong to them.

9) Teach to respect property

To set your dog up for success, avoid pushing them with tasks beyond their capabilities.

10) Set realistic expectations