The Top 10 Amazing White Animals

Known for its stunning white feathers, these birds have leucism, not albinism.

White Peacock

Albino frogs have white skin and red eyes due to a recessive gene.

Albino Frog

A rare sight, white koala bears have a recessive gene resulting in a white coat.

White Koala Bear

White squirrels have leucism, reducing skin pigmentation but not eye color.

White Squirrel

These foxes have naturally white fur in winter, providing camouflage.

Arctic Fox

White kangaroos are believed to have leucism, not albinism, resulting in their white fur.

White Kangaroo

Mentioned briefly, these dogs also have leucism, leading to their white coat.

White Great Dane

These fish have albinism, characterized by white color and red eyes.

Albino Peacock Cichlids

Albino alligators have white skin and pink eyes due to albinism.

Albino Alligators

Not elaborated on in this summary, albino rabbits also exhibit albinism.

Albino Rabbit

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