The Meanings Behind 9 Common Dog Behaviors

They do it to feel secure about their place in your life and to protect you.

1. Dogs laying on your feet

They pick up on your emotions and match their mood to yours, making them excellent companions.

2. Dogs mirroring your mood

Chewing or urinating can indicate boredom, especially in active breeds. Mental games and exercise help keep them engaged.

3. Destructive behavior

Some dogs become extremely anxious when left alone. Training, canine antidepressants, and gradual departures can help.

4. Separation anxiety

Dogs can sense various illnesses, including seizures and low blood sugar, making them invaluable companions.

5. Detecting health problems

Pay attention to unusual behavior, as it can signal illness, especially changes in eating habits.

6. Behavioral changes when sick

Dogs thrive on routines, but it's essential to vary the timing to maintain control over their schedule.

7. Routine matters

Use a firm tone and be direct when correcting behavior, as dogs respond better to tone than explanations.

8. Tone matters in training

Understand that your dog's motivations and learning process differ from humans, so tailor your training accordingly.

9. Dogs learn differently than humans


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