The 10 Most Loyal Dog Breeds That’ll Never Leave Your Side

Beautiful, intelligent, loyal, energetic, and playful. Ideal for families.

1. Golden Retriever

Active, intelligent, protective. Great for families or active singles/couples.

2. German Shepherd

Big, strong, laid-back, and affectionate. Excellent guard dogs and family pets.

3. Great Pyrenees

Adorable, energetic, and happy. Protective of kids, best for supervised play with young children.

4. Beagle

High-energy, devoted, quick learners. Need a lot of exercise and make great family pets.

5. Collie

Originally bred for tough work, great guard dogs, and usually good with kids when properly raised and trained.

6. Rottweiler

Big, goofy, athletic, patient, and protective. Courageous and defends family no matter what.

7. Giant Schnauzer

Known as rescue dogs, make great family guard dogs but are very large.

8. St. Bernard

Affectionate, sprightly, tomboyish lapdogs with a brave and loving nature.

9. Yorkshire Terrier

Bred to hunt badgers, stubborn and independent, but sweet and funny with people.

10. Dachshund

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