The 10 Best Velcro Dog Breeds

As loyal as she is lovable, the Labrador retriever is one of the clingiest canines.

1. Labrador Retriever

Like the Labrador, the golden is a sporting pup renowned for loyalty. She’s an all-around awesome dog with kids and a friend to all, though she’s truly in her element with her family.

2. Golden Retriever

This small hunk of love is one bonded barker to her people, preferring a place at your side over one across the room.

3. French Bulldog

As peppy as she is pretty, the papillon is a natural people pup.

4. Papillon

Legendary lapdog and stage-five clinger are two terms that fit the Chihuahua like a glove.

5. Chihuahua

This sable sweetheart is a sensitive soul known for her love of family. She’s as affectionate as she is adorable, though she can be a little timid with strangers.

6. Shetland Sheepdog

The pug is a clownish canine with a heart of gold. Stout and sturdy, this affectionate four-footer is one of the best small dogs for kids, having a level of patience that many petite breeds tend to lack.

7. Pug

As sporty as she is sweet, the Aussie is a Velcro dog and athlete in one.

8. Australian Shepherd

Sleek and sophisticated, this slim sniffer is a sensitive soul and an ever-present shadow to her favorite people.

9. Italian Greyhound

This working dog breed’s loyalty makes her a fantastic partner for policing, but it also makes her a Velcro pooch.

10. Doberman Pinscher