Rohit Sharma Hair Fall: Has Indian Captain Had A Hair Transplant?

Photos and videos of Rohit Sharma experiencing hair fall have been circulating on social media, leading to unnecessary trolling.

1. Rohit Sharma's Hair Fall and Social Media

During a Test match against West Indies, Sharma didn't remove his helmet even after scoring a century, and it was reported that he acknowledged facing "hair problems."

2. Sharma's Helmet Incident

Some netizens mocked Sharma's hair fall, making mean comments about his situation, and even trolled his wife Ritika Sajdeh for marrying a guy with baldness.

3. Trolling and Mean Comments

Rohit Sharma has undergone a hair transplant in the past, specifically focusing on his hairline. The transplanted hairs in that region are thicker and more resistant to falling.

4. Hair Transplant History

While the hair transplant was successful for his hairline, Sharma is now facing hair fall in the crown area, which may require another transplant to address the issue.

5. Hair Fall in the Crown Area

Apart from hair transplants, there are various nutritional supplements available to help prevent hair fall.

6. Nutritional Supplements

Teammate Ravindra Jadeja playfully suggested a hair transplant to Sharma after noticing his baldness in a selfie posted on Instagram.

7. Ravindra Jadeja's Amusing Comment

Sharma is not the first Indian cricketer to undergo a hair transplant. Virat Kohli, Virender Sehwag, Hardik Pandya, Harshal Patel, Yusuf Pathan, and Prithvi Shaw are among the other players who have treated their hair.

8. Other Indian Cricketers' Experiences

Hair transplants can be a solution for public figures like cricketers who face immense scrutiny and pressure regarding their appearances.

9. Importance of Hair Transplant

Ultimately, undergoing a hair transplant is a personal decision for each individual, and it's important to respect their choices rather than mock or troll them.

10. Hair Transplant as a Personal Choice


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