Anupamaa Upcoming Twist

Anupamaa has finally moved into her house, and her family members are emotional.

Choti Anu's condition is critical, and she wants to see her mother, Anupamaa.

Choti Anu runs towards Anupamaa but falls and loses consciousness.

There is a possibility that Choti Anu might lose her legs due to the shock.

Anupamaa is torn between going to America and leaving Choti Anu behind or staying with her.

Malti Devi, who previously had a contract with Anupamaa, apologizes to her and expresses regret for her behavior.

Malti Devi acknowledges the power of a mother and asks Anupamaa to prioritize her child's life.

Malti Devi breaks her silence and releases Anupamaa from her contract

Anupamaa considers sacrificing her career for the sake of Choti Anu's life.

The decision of whether Anupamaa will go to America or stay with her daughter remains uncertain.