Pakistani actor Mahnoor Baloch says Shahrukh Khan doesn't know how to act, he is not handsome

Pakistani actor Mahnoor Baloch criticized Shah Rukh Khan, saying he is neither conventionally handsome nor a good actor.

Baloch referred to Shah Rukh Khan as a great businessman who knows how to market himself.

She emphasized that physical appearance alone does not determine a person's overall aura and personality.

Baloch praised Shah Rukh Khan's strong personality and aura, which she believes make him attractive.

She expressed her opinion that Shah Rukh Khan doesn't know acting, but acknowledged that his fans and others may disagree.

Baloch stated that Shah Rukh Khan's success is due to his marketing skills and not necessarily his acting abilities.

Reactions to Baloch's remarks were mixed, with some defending Shah Rukh Khan as a quality actor and a legend.

Critics of Baloch called her remarks rubbish and stated that her opinion doesn't matter.

Some accused Baloch of trying to gain popularity by mentioning Shah Rukh Khan and praised him as a better and more successful person.

The article was published by HT Entertainment Desk, a team dedicated to writing about cinema and television.