Nargis Fakhri REVEALS she would 'never be naked for a project

Nargis Fakhri sets personal boundaries when it comes to experimenting with unconventional ideas in the OTT space.

She expresses discomfort with nudity and states that she would never go naked for a project.

Fakhri remains open to challenging roles that involve portraying characters with diverse sexual orientations or exploring unconventional storylines, such as homosexuality.

She believes that the beauty of the OTT platform lies in its vast array of options, allowing viewers to choose what they watch.

Fakhri emphasizes that individuals have the freedom to switch off or select something else if they find certain content unsuitable for their preferences.

She sees the OTT space as a platform that breaks boundaries and provides actors with greater creative opportunities.

Fakhri looks forward to exploring diverse characters in the OTT space.

She is enthusiastic about the variety of content available in the rapidly expanding digital landscape.

Nudity is a personal boundary that Fakhri is not comfortable crossing for projects.

She values the potential of the OTT space to challenge norms and offer unconventional storytelling options.