Manushi Chhillar said: Industry people told me that beauty queens cannot act

Manushi Chhillar recently completed one year in Bollywood and reflected upon her lessons from the industry.

Initially, Chhillar felt unsure about how to introduce herself as an actor after being known as a doctor and Miss World.

She had a realization that she now identifies as an actor and is getting used to the label.

Chhillar made her debut at the Cannes Film Festival this year, fulfilling a goal from her bucket list.

She had the opportunity to meet influential people, walk the red carpet, and wear a beautiful dress at the festival.

Chhillar did not starve herself before appearing on the red carpet; instead, she enjoyed the experience.

Some people have commented that the focus at Cannes is shifting towards fashion rather than films.

Chhillar believes that events like Cannes need to be glamorized to generate interest and discussion.

She sees fashion as a significant aspect of people's lives and a means of self-expression, even for actors promoting their films.

Fashion plays a role in creating an impact and making the Cannes Film Festival a topic of conversation, even for those who may not understand the films being showcased.