Kim Kardashian opens up about killing her ex-boyfriend's mother

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Involvement in a high-profile murder trial.

Kim Kardashian's Testimony in the 1998 Murder Trial

Juggling her father's legal cases and supporting TJ Jackson after his mother's murder.

Kim Kardashian's Hectic Teenage Years

Standing by her then-boyfriend during a difficult time.

Kim Kardashian's Support for TJ Jackson

Kim Kardashian's Intense Life:

Kim Kardashian's Intense Life:

Her role as a witness and being present in court every day.

 Kim Kardashian's Testimony in the Murder Trial

Testifying at the age of 14 during the trial.

Kim Kardashian's Involvement at a Young Age

Don Bohana found guilty of second-degree murder in 2002.

Conviction of Dee Dee Jackson's Boyfriend

Serving a 15-year to life sentence in a California prison for the past 19 years.

on Bohana's Prison Sentence