Keeping them active – 10 fun ways to exercise your pet

A leisurely walk can be a bonding experience for you and your dog while providing mental stimulation.

1. A Simple Walk

If you're into running, bring your dog along for some intense cardiovascular exercise.

2. Go for a Run

Spice up the game of fetch by racing your dog to the ball, ensuring both of you get a workout.

3. Race Fetch

Stair climbing is a challenging workout that both you and your dog can enjoy indoors or outdoors.

4. Stair Climbers

Play a game of tag with your dog to get some cardio and improve agility.

5. Dog Tag

Set up agility obstacles for your dog to exercise both physically and mentally.

6. Agility Courses

Swimming is a low-impact but highly effective exercise for dogs, especially those with joint issues.

7. Go Swimming

Strengthen your core while your dog fetches by incorporating exercises like planks.

8. Plank Fetch

Create a shuttle run course for both you and your dog to enhance speed and agility.

9. Shuttle Runs

Participate in local races or charity runs with your dog to stay active together.

10. Run a Race

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