Kangana Ranaut denies joining politics

Kangana Ranaut is a popular Bollywood actress known for her distinctive curly hair and contrarian worldview.

Her latest film, "Judgementall Hai Kya," had a strong opening weekend at the box office.

In addition to being an actress, Ranaut has taken on new roles as a film director, celebrity influencer, and concerned Indian.

She is admired for her talent but has also been labeled a rabble-rouser due to the controversial controversies she sometimes finds herself in.

Ranaut was involved in an altercation with a journalist at a press conference over his social media comments about her efforts to raise awareness about environmental issues.

She denies any interest in joining politics, questioning what it can offer her that she doesn't already have.

Ranaut welcomes criticism but was particularly offended by the journalist's insensitivity to issues like the environment, martyrs, and animal cruelty.

She is known for her stand on nepotism and nationalism, often speaking out on these matters and capturing the audience's attention.

Ranaut's remarks on nationalism and the importance of displaying patriotism have fueled speculation about her potential interest in a political career.

When questioned about this possibility, Ranaut appears both amused and annoyed, suggesting that it may not be a serious consideration for her.