Janhvi Kapoor mercilessly trolled "Itna Lakhon ka surgery kiya

Indian actress Janhvi Kapoor has become a target of online trolling due to these allegations.

Janhvi faces criticism

This article throws light upon the pressure faced by celebrities to maintain a spotless image on their social media platforms.

Pressure on celebrities to look perfect

Janhvi Kapoor has a huge fan following on Instagram with 21.6 million followers.

Large number of followers on Instagram

Janhvi Kapoor shared a series of pictures on Instagram, in which she is seen in a floral bodycon dress with cutouts.

Posting controversial pictures

Provides details of the dress worn by Janhvi Kapoor, including its floral pattern, halter neck detail and ruffled pattern at the waist.

Dress Details

Allegations of Photoshopping Netizens accused Janhvi Kapoor of using Photoshop to enhance her curves in the pictures posted by her.

The trolling and criticism against Janhvi Kapoor revolves around her alleged use of Photoshop despite undergoing expensive surgeries to enhance her appearance.

Criticism from netizens

Netizens reacted strongly to the controversy, expressing their dismay and frustration over the alleged manipulation of the images.

Online Reactions

Janhvi Kapoor was promoting her upcoming film "Bawal" starring Varun Dhawan when she posted pictures which created a controversy.

Promotion for upcoming film