Is Jawan preview a copy of Moon Knight?

The upcoming movie "Jawaan" has released its trailer "Jawaan Preview" which is getting mixed response from fans and audience.

While some fans are excited about the film and SRK's performance, others are disappointed with the looks and scenes shown in the trailer.

There is a debate on whether this much hype surrounding the film is justified or not, there are divergent opinions among fans.

A point of criticism is that Shah Rukh's look in one scene appears to be an imitation of a Marvel character Moon Knight, or the DC supervillain Lex Luthor.

Some viewers have pointed out that the film borrows elements from various South Indian films, such as "KGF," "Salaar," and "Bahubali."

The anticipation of seeing Shah Rukh Khan as a villain fills me with excitement at that moment.

However, the promotion of the film has received mixed response as fans were expecting a larger-than-life experience with Shah Rukh in a double role.

The term "netizens" refers to Internet users or individuals who express their opinions and reactions online.

Despite the varied responses, it is clear that the trailer has created a significant buzz and buzz among the fans and the audience.

It remains to be seen how the film will finally react upon its release.