heart issues by horoscope sign

Stress- and high blood pressure-related cardiac issues may be more common among Aries people.


Taurus people are typically thought of as being extravagant, which can lead to heart issues including obesity, high cholesterol, and a sedentary lifestyle.


Heart issues brought on by stress and worry are more common in Geminis. Their propensity for overthinking and restlessness can cause their heart rate and blood pressure to rise.


People with cancer may be more prone to heart issues brought on by emotional stress.


Although Leos typically have powerful hearts, their propensity for pride and ego-related problems might have a negative effect on their cardiovascular system.


Due to their tendency to worry too much, Virgos often experience cardiac issues.


Due to their propensity to avoid conflict and repress their feelings, Libras may be more likely to experience heart issues.


Due to their strong emotions and stress levels, Scorpios are more susceptible to cardiac issues.


Due to their love of adventure and risky pursuits, Sagittarius people may be at risk for heart issues.


Chronic stress and overworking might lead to heart issues in Capricorns.


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