From SRK to Selena Gomez: Pakistan re-imagines superstars

AI-based artist Saboor Akram has created a photo series titled 'Tales of Lahore', where he creatively re-imagines prominent celebrities around the world in Pakistani settings.

The series showcases old buildings in Lahore, Pakistan, known for their Victorian and Islamic architecture.

The artist uses AI tools like Mid-journey, ProCreate, Illustrator, and Photoshop to create these re-imagined images.

Some of the celebrities featured in the series include Shah Rukh Khan, Babar Azam, Deepika Padukone, Atif Aslam, Mahira Khan, and Virat Kohli.

The post has gained significant recognition and has garnered over 21,000 views.

Saboor Akram created the post as a way to honor his favorite artists across the border.

The photo series combines elements of popular binge-watching shows like Avengers, Game of Thrones, and Stranger Things to add a creative twist to the re-imagined images.

Lahore, Pakistan's cultural heart, serves as the backdrop for the series, adding a unique and vibrant setting to the re-imagined celebrity portraits.

The artist's use of AI technology showcases the possibilities and creativity that can be achieved through this medium.

The post highlights the growing influence and impact of AI-based artwork in the world of entertainment and creative expression.