Dog Depression - 9 Signs Your Dog Is Sad

If your dog stops enjoying activities it once loved, it might be a sign of depression.

1. Loss of Interest in Favorite Activities

While every dog's sleep needs vary, an excessive increase in sleeping could indicate depression.

2. Increased Sleep

A depressed dog may lose its appetite and show disinterest in food.

3. Leaving Food in the Bowl

Dogs with depression might have lower energy levels and lose enthusiasm for play.

4. Ignoring Playtime

Some dogs may resort to compulsive licking as a self-soothing mechanism when they're anxious or sad.

5. Excessive Licking

Unusual aggression or destructive behavior can be a sign of underlying depression.

6. Sudden Aggression

Dogs may use these sounds to seek attention and comfort.

7. Whimpering or Whining

Depressed dogs often seek more affection and attention from their owners.

8. Seeking Extra Snuggles

Dogs may develop specific ways to communicate their sadness, such as bringing comfort objects or making distinct noises.

9. Unique Communication


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