DCU cancels plans for Wonder Woman

Warner Bros, the studio behind the DC Extended Universe (DCU), has decided to shut down the Wonder Woman franchise.

Warner Bros' decision

Dawn of Justice, Gal Gadot for Wonder Woman gained immense popularity and won hearts of fans across the globe.

Gal Gadot's breakthrough Batman v Superman

It was initially reported that Gadot would reprise her role as Wonder Woman in the third installment.

Previous plans for Wonder Woman 3

The change at the end of The Flash movie affected the future of Wonder Woman.

Influence of The Flash

The inclusion of Sasha Cale as Supergirl at the end of The Flash shows that the studio is focusing on introducing new characters and expanding the DC Universe.

Supergirl's Role

Possible Change in Direction Warner Bros.'s decision to shelve Wonder Woman signals a change in direction for the DCU.

The cancellation of Wonder Woman's plans has left Gal Gadot fans heartbroken.

Impact on fans

While plans for Wonder Woman have been cancelled, Gal Gadot could still appear in other DCU projects.

Future Projects