Bigg Boss OTT 2: VIRAL pics of hosting Salman Khan seen with cigarette in hand

Salman Khan, a popular Bollywood superstar, is currently hosting the reality show Bigg Boss OTT 2.

During the Weekend Ka Vaar episode of Bigg Boss OTT Season

The incident of Salman Khan holding a cigarette while hosting the show went viral on the internet.

Netizens on social media platforms noticed and discussed the cigarette incident, sparking a mixed reaction among viewers.

Some viewers expressed disappointment and concern about Salman Khan's choice to smoke on television.

Others defended Salman Khan, stating that smoking is a personal choice and not uncommon among celebrities in their personal lives.

Photos and videos of the episode, capturing Salman Khan holding the cigarette, were uploaded on social media.

The incident raised questions about the editing of the show, as some viewers joked about the editor's job being at risk for forgetting to cut the clips before airing them.

Salman Khan is known for his exceptional hosting skills on Bigg Boss and has a dedicated fan base.

Bigg Boss OTT Season 2 has been keeping the audience entertained with drama and unfolding storylines involving the contestants.