Akshay Kumar told me, 'You can't play heroine','

Akshay Kumar's debut film was Saugandh, where he was paired opposite Shanthi Priya.

Shanthi Priya approached Akshay Kumar for work after a long hiatus from the limelight.

In a recent interview, Shanthi Priya described Akshay Kumar as a hard-working and disciplined person.

During their conversation on the set of Holiday, Akshay Kumar asked about Shanthi Priya's well-being and her children.

Shanthi Priya expressed her desire to come back to the industry and asked Akshay Kumar to let her know if there were any good opportunities.

Akshay Kumar introduced Shanthi Priya to Sonakshi Sinha and mentioned that she was his first heroine.

Shanthi Priya mentioned that Akshay Kumar told her that she still looked the same but also gave her a reality check.

Akshay Kumar reportedly told Shanthi Priya, "You know you can't play a heroine, right?"

Shanthi Priya felt disappointed by Akshay Kumar's response and perceived it as him revealing his true colors.

Shanthi Priya claimed that Akshay Kumar subsequently ghosted her after their conversation.