Air hostess takes video of MS Dhoni sleeping on flight, fans react

After leading Chennai Super Kings to their fifth IPL title in IPL 2023, former India captain MS Dhoni has been enjoying his time off the field.

1. MS Dhoni's Enjoyment Off the Field

A video of MS Dhoni sleeping peacefully on a flight with his wife Sakshi Dhoni has gone viral on social media.

2. Viral Video of Dhoni Sleeping on Flight

In the video, an air hostess records herself while Dhoni is sleeping and expresses excitement over the presence of the Chennai Super Kings skipper on the flight.

3. Air Hostess Records Dhoni

The video has not been well-received by Dhoni's fans, who are criticizing the air hostess for invading the cricketer's privacy.

4. Fans React Negatively

Several other videos of people expressing their admiration for Dhoni on flights have surfaced in the past few months.

5. Dhoni's Popularity Among Aircraft Workers

During IPL 2023, a pilot on a Chennai Super Kings' plane requested Dhoni to continue captaining CSK for upcoming years and not retire.

6. Pilot's Special Announcement During IPL 2023

After CSK's IPL victory, Dhoni delighted his fans by announcing his return to the field for the 2024 season as a gesture of appreciation for their unwavering support.

7. Dhoni's Decision to Return for IPL 2024

Despite retiring from international cricket four years ago, MS Dhoni's popularity and love among his fans continue to grow all over India.

8. Dhoni's Love and Craze in India

Another viral video showed Dhoni being offered chocolates by an air hostess on a flight and playing Candy Crush.

9. Previous Viral Video

Throughout IPL 2023, Dhoni's fandom reached new heights, with fans showing immense support and admiration for their beloved 'Thala'.

10. Dhoni's Enduring Fandom


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